We look forward to seeing you at Birdfair

This year’s Global Birdfair will be held on 12, 13 and 14 July 2024 at […]


Azerbaijan in Spring – our newest tour itinerary

We are delighted to introduce you to our newest birding destination, Azerbaijan in Spring. We […]


We are all set and ready for winter birding

Winter is almost here, in the south-eastern Balkans, and it is this time of year […]


We have added two new birdwatching destinations to our program – the islands of Lesbos and Mallorca

We are delighted to introduce you to our new birding destinations, the Mediterranean islands of […]


Let’s meet at Global Birdfair

We will be delighted to see you at Global Birdfair, an event where a community […]


The rare Rhodope Lily seems to be thriving this year

2022 was another record year for the Rhodope lilies (Lilium rhodopaeum), counted and monitored by […]


“Now, more than ever travelers are prepared to meld their own need for wellness with that of the planet. And this is inspiring.”

In the latest update from Terra Incognita’s travel blog Dimiter Georgiev, Managing Director and Tour […]


Grants for businesses that have suspended and / or restricted activities due to COVID-19

To answer the urgent need for operative capital has been identified for activities needed to […]

A rewarding Rock Partridge Day Tour

On the 28th Feb 2021 we had a day birding trip to the Western Balkan […]


Quite a productive private bird photography tour marked the beginning of the new year

We started the New Year with a customized bird photography tour, targeting several species of […]