Our Tours

We offer a variety of birdwatching and other wildlife and natural history tours in Bulgaria, Greece and Romania, including botanical tours, Brown Bear and Wolf viewing, dragonfly and butterfly tours, wildlife photography and natural history tours. Cultural aspects are never forgotten. The tasty food and good wines add to the flavor of our tours.

Our birding tours set during the breeding and migration of the birds are very rewarding and much in demand. The great number of species that can be seen during these periods is quite impressive – over 220 bird species are possible in 10-14 days!

Winter birding tours will take you to the Bulgarian or Romanian Black Sea coast – the wintering grounds for hundreds of thousands of wild geese, among which almost the whole population of the globally threatened Red-breasted Goose. In the recent 30 years up to 60 000 Red-breasted Geese spend the winter in the region of Coastal Dobrugea. Thanks to their seclusion and the agricultural pattern of growing winter cereal crops that provide food for the geese, the coastal wetlands have become famous as the best spots for watching and photographing these attractive and rare birds in winter.

On the other hand, the less severe climate on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast and the Aegean coast of northern Greece allows us to enjoy hundreds of wintering Dalmatian Pelicans, thousands of Pygmy Cormorants and various species of ducks, including the White-headed Duck, shorebirds, gulls, raptors and many more.

Spring and summer round-tours include the richest and most attractive bird areas in the three countries. On these tours you can see and enjoy an incredible diversity of birds, including a great number of Eastern and South-eastern European bird specialties, like Pygmy Cormorant, Great White Pelican, Dalmatian Pelican, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Long-legged Buzzard, Red-footed Falcon, Lesser Kestrel, Levant Sparrowhawk, Spur-winged Pl0ver, Paddyfield Warbler, Olive-tree Warbler, Semi-collared Flycatcher, Pied Wheatear, Masked Shrike, Rose-colored Starling, Black-headed Bunting and many others.

Spring and autumn migration tours focus on the spectacular annual migration of tens of thousand of birds of prey, pelicans, storks and passerines along the Black Sea coastal flyway known as the Via Pontica – one of the major bird migration routes in Europe. Some 70 % of the European raptors, thousands of White Pelicans, Dalmatian Pelicans, Black Storks and Common Cranes, more than 100 000 White Storks pass over.

For the travelers who do not have the time to spare for longer trips we offer several short breaks, among which the highlighted Wallcreeper, Rock Partridge and Red-breasted Goose short breaks, as well as the Balkan Specialties short tour.

Our birding tours can be combined with botany or viewing Brown Bear, Wolf , Golden Jackal and other mammals. Bulgaria holds stable Brown Bear and Wolf populations – about 900 bears and 1500 wolves. Brown Bears are quite easy to observe, especially in spring when they come out of hibernation and actively search for food.

We offer several botanical itineraries , which introduce you to the great wealth of Bulgarian wild flora. Special attention is paid to the Bulgarian endemics, numbering about 170 species.

The unique character of the Bulgarian butterfly, moth and dragonfly fauna leaves unforgettable memories for the participants in our tours.

On our amphibian and reptile tour you have the chance to see and photograph a remarkable variety of species, which are typical for the Black sea and the Eastern Mediterranean regions.

All these aspects are combined in our natural history tours.

We manage a well developed network of bird and wildlife photography hides in Bulgaria, which provide excellent opportunities for photographing many attractive species of birds, like Eurasian Griffon Vulture, Eastern Black Vulture, Egyptian Vulture, Pygmy Cormorant, most of the European herons and egrets, a big variety of garden and forest passerine birds and woodpeckers, as well as some mammals of particular interest, like the Golden Jackal. Thanks to the great experience and knowledge of our team we can bring you to some of the best spots in Bulgaria, Romania and northern Greece for photographing Red-breasted Goose, Dalmatian Pelican, Little Bittern, European Bee-eater, European Roller, Eurasian Hoopoe, Wallcreeper, Pied Wheatear, Paddyfield Warbler, Semi-collared Flycatcher, Masked Shrike, Spotted Nutcracker and many more.