Natural History Tour in Romania

Lesser Spotted Eagle by Mladen Vasilev

Wine, Nature and Cultural Heritage of Bulgaria

This fascinating tour will bring you to an unspoiled and little-known area of the South Balkans, where we will walk amongst pristine mountains, enjoy superb local wines, delicious home-made dishes and witness the incredible changes the country is currently undergoing.

Mountain birds, flowers and butterflies of Bulgaria and northern Greece

Bulgaria’s exceptional natural history is well-known to travelers, who have previously joined our wildlife holidays. This tour is designed to diversify our mountain birdwatching, butterfly and botanical experience by introducing you to the wealth of wildlife of Lake Kerkini in northern Greece.

Viola pirenaica by Dimiter Georgiev

The Best of Bulgaria – birds and botany

Few countries can rival Bulgaria’s scenic splendour and diverse nature. The landscape changes every few kilometers to reveal alpine mountains, rivers with spectacular canyons, vast meadows and forests, coastal wetlands and sand beaches…

A view from the Pirin Mountain by Dimiter Georgiev